By the end of this course you will have learned how to

  • Craft a Zapier integration that authenticates individual users to their account in your Bubble application

  • Extend your applications functionality by creating Zapier triggers that fire when specific actions you have defined occur in your Bubble application

  • Produce a better user experience (and reduce your development load) by allowing users to create and update their data in your application via Zapier actions

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Course curriculum

    1. Creating a Zapier developer account

    2. Create a Zapier integration

    3. Set up your Bubble app

    1. Intro to authentication

    2. Create a login page for SSO/Oauth redirects

    3. Create Zapier as a verified 3rd party application in Bubble

    4. Configuring your OAuth v2 endpoints

    5. Setting up the /me endpoint and testing the connection

    6. Customizing the Connection Label

    7. Chapter Feedback - Authentication

    1. Intro to triggers

    2. Create a polling trigger

    3. Create a hidden trigger

    4. The instant trigger: Part 1

    5. The instant trigger: Part 2

    6. The instant trigger: Part 3

    7. The instant trigger: Part 4

    8. The instant trigger: A final note

    9. Chapter Feedback - Triggers

    1. Use an action to create a project

    2. Use an action to find a project

    3. Testing our Actions

    4. Chapter Feedback - Actions

    1. Final thoughts

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 25 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Learn a new skill you can sell to your clients

  • Save time

    Reduce the development load by allowing your users to set up their own integrations with tools they may already be using

  • Expand your skills

    Feel strengthened as a developer to leverage other nocode tools to enhance your product

  • Earn more

    Add another skill to your toolset and offer this to your clients as a way to grow your earnings as a Bubble developer.

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